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Frequently Asked Questions

What is First Table?

First Table is a website that offers a 50% discount off restaurant meals at specific off-peak times. Diners pay a $10 booking fee to secure the discount at a participating restaurant and get half-price meals for two, three or four people when booking the restaurant’s first table of the evening, lunch or breakfast time.

How does it work?

Participating restaurants list their 'first tables' for the upcoming week on the First Table website. The restaurant chooses the days it's available and the times it's available. 

How many can I book for?

First Table reservations are for groups of 2 to 4 people (including children).

Can I bring more than 4 people?

No, sorry. Our arrangement with the restaurants is for reservations of 2 to 4 people (including children of all ages). If you make a reservation for 4 people the restaurant will have a table reserved for 4 people, not more.  The deal does not apply to single diners.

How do such high calibre restaurants afford to discount their meals by 50%?

First Tables are very limited - and always at non busy times. Savvy restaurateurs offer a table that is usually empty as a promotional tool to attract new people to try their venue, knowing that if they show you a wonderful time you will tell your friends and return again.

Why are there so many conditions on First Table bookings?

First Table creates a win-win environment where both diners AND restaurants enjoy clear benefits. The conditions are there to achieve this balance.

Is the booking fee per table or per person?

The booking fee is per table.

Can I take my food away?

Meals are to be ordered for dine in purposes only.  Fair use policy applies, over ordering and taking leftovers away is not permitted under the First Table deal.

What time can I book for?

The restaurant lists the time that their first table is available for.

What happens if I’m late for my reservation?

The 50% off meals deal is only available for the date and time you have booked. If you are more than 15 minutes late the deal is off.

Can I cancel/change my reservation?

Yes, you may cancel your reservation according to our cancellation policy.

Visit your reservations admin to cancel your booking, or to amend the number of diners please contact First Table.

Can I pick which table to sit at?

The restaurant will likely have a designated table for their First Table diners.

Are drinks discounted?

No, the first table offer is for 50% off meals only.

Is there a minimum spend?

No, you may spend as much or as little as you like, and your food bill will be discounted by 50%.

Is dessert included?

Yes all food ordered is discounted by 50%. 

Can I book the same restaurant twice?

Yes, but not twice in a row.

What time is a new day added?

Availability for every restaurant is added just after midnight each night.

Is the booking fee deducted from my bill?

No, the booking fee entitles you to 50% off food only when you make your reservation and is not deductible from the bill.

Are there any exclusions?

Some restaurants may have certain items that are unavailable for the First Table offer. These will be noted under 'special conditions' when you're making your booking and will be included on your booking confirmation.

How do I get my booking confirmation?

Booking confirmations are emailed out once payment has been finalised. If you cannot find your confirmation email simply log into your First Table account, select Reservations from the drop down list where your name is displayed and download the relevant PDF. Easy! Alternatively, check your email junk folder - sometimes first time bookings can end up in there.

Can I use with other vouchers?

First Table vouchers cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotions, including restaurant credit, unless otherwise specified by the restaurant.

Do I need I.D?

Yes. Licensed premises are within their rights to deny you service if you can't produce identification (even when not drinking). To avoid disappointment make sure all diners have their I.D. First Table booking fee will not be refunded in this scenario.

Can I combine First Table bookings for large groups?

A maximum of one 'first table' may be booked per group per night, i.e. booking two tables and combining is prohibited.  First Table bookings are strictly for 2 to 4 diners and tables cannot be combined.  If you wish to make a group reservation please contact the restaurant direct.

Will First Table be available over Christmas and New Year?

Most restaurants will not have First Table availability on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

I've been given a First Table Gift Voucher. What can I use it for?

Lucky you!

Head on over to our redemption page to redeem your gift voucher.

First Table gift vouchers can be redeemed for credit on the First Table website which can be used towards the First Table booking fee. They can't be redeemed at restaurants directly.

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